I would have never guessed it before, but carrot cake has become one of my favorite cakes in the world. yes, the entire world. Therefore, I present to you: my carrot cake recipe!



Mix the eggs, the brown sugar and sunflower oil until it is a smooth mixture. Add self-raising flour and baking powder and mix it together. Add the mixed spices to the batter. Chop the walnuts in small pieces and add them to the mixture. Add the grated carrots to the batter and but it in a baking mold (about 23 cm). Pre-heat the oven on 170 degrees Celsius and bake the cake for about 60-70 minutes. This timing can fluctuate, so you can test if it’s ready with a cocktail pick (or satéprikker if you’re Dutch). If it comes out dry, it’s ready!

Time to make the frosting! Whip up the butter until it’s smooth and light. Make sure that the butter becomes white. Mix the cream cheese, the lemon juice and the icing sugar with the butter. If you like it sweet, than you can add more sugar. Wait until the cake is completely cold before you start frosting, otherwise it will melt off. Garnish the cake with the leftover walnuts or whatever you like.


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