I have eaten A LOT lately, so let’s bring out those hotspots! Let’s start with Salsa Shop This is a Mexican take on fast-food, and I have to say: it tastes a lot better than regular fast food! Four childhood friends have decided to start this restaurant after some time traveling in Mexico and the US, because the real Mexican taste was nowhere to be found in Amsterdam. Bulls eye if you ask me! The guys from Salsa Shop make everything right before your eyes with the freshest products. You can choose your meal (burrito, tacos, salad or burrito bowl), your meat/veggies, what goes inside (guacamole, sour cream, you name it!), the salsa and some extras like tortilla chips. And you can even drink in style; their homemade lemonades are a real gem, but the mexican soft drinks are pretty good too. Sounds tasty huh?

I would personally recommend the tacos, because you get four small ones which you can compose the way you like. This way, you can try a sorts of meat and also different salsas. Like I said, the fresh lime lemonade is real good and works perfectly with those spicy salsas.

Off you go, amigo!

020 2051040


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