This months cravings involve lots of clothes, all the clothes to be exact. Since summer is in full swing, summer clothes need to be purchased. You may think that mid summer is a bit late to buy your whole summer garderobe. Unfortunately, summers in Amsterdam are not quite that summery and daily showers are no surprise. This is why we buy all our summery clothes for when we travel to the most tropical destinations we can imagine (note that the south of France is already quite tropical for us Dutchies), and if the weather gods are merciful we can wear them at home too. So let us begin: July cravings for our most wonderful vacations and staycations too.


The one-piece is one of the most versatile clothes out there. For obvious reasons, it can be used for swimming or beaching which should totally be a noun. But it can also be worn under denim shorts, skirts, trousers, jeans, etc. etc. etc. Get my point? super versatile. Especially like the Marysia Swim one, but you can go to H&M and River Island for more affordable options.


This trend is hard to overlook this season. It’s everywhere and in every form; blouses, t-shirts, dresses, you name it. I think that the bare shoulder brings sexiness into your outfit in a non-sexy way ifyouknowwhatimean. Also, those flowy off-shoulder blouses capture that Ibiza feeling perfectly. Which is great for those of us on staycation. 


If you ask me baby blue is the it-colour from 2015 (yes, that is already decided mid-year). I should have said baby blue anything, because I love this colour for literally everything. However, you can never have too many bags and a baby blue one is just so very pretty! I recently bought a baby blue bag from ZARA and have worn it ever since. Very surprisingly, it suits with almost everything (expect maybe baby blue on baby blue on baby blue…). Below are a few other baby blue gems…



This is a good one for those lovely cloudy and rainy days. Printed pants are great for those occasions when you don’t want to get your legs out, but still want to look summery. I wear my polka dotted ones every day. Okay, maybe not every day, but you get the point. You don’t have to go super expensive here, because Zara does some great ones. If you are more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, then you can go with the H&M dotted ones.



Like many others, I have a love/hate relationship with my thighs. Maybe more hate than love to be honest. This is why the midi skirt is the perfect piece to wear on those days when you are just a little bit self-conscious. It gives you that perfect hourglass shape and hides your chubby thighs, can you ask for more? I wore mine at my birthday dinner combined with a pretty top and silver heels, and afterwards when we went to a bar (yes, going out is super casual in the Netherlands) with stan smiths and a grey tee. Meaning: versatile as hell.  Shop yours at H&M or splurge on D&G. I know what I would do if only I weren’t broke…



Well these won’t necessarily come to mind when you think about summer essentials. I mean, boots are usually worn in cold winters and rainy autumns. At least in the Netherlands they are cold and rainy: Yay us! Anyway, I bought these Zara boots in sale and decided that I wasn’t going to wait until autumn reached our country before wearing them. So I combined them with dresses and, yes, even shorts. Surprisingly, they go really well with lots of things and I started to consider them as a new neutral (you know, like stripes and dots and what not). The Zara ones are almost out of stock in the Netherlands (only size 37 left, so go go go size 37’s!), but make sure to check them out if you are from anywhere else across the globe. Other options are down below.


So there you have it: my July cravings. Feel free to update your wardrobe with anything you want, these a just a few suggestions you may or may not use. Happy shopping either way! I am ordering some of these as we speak…


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