Hey June hey! As you might know, June has finally arrived. This means the beginning of this year’s summer! Ah…the wonderful time where you can eat ice cream, drink beer, go to the beach and fall in love…

To remind you of this amazing time, I’ve created this wallpaper for you: welcome June!




It’s my birthday!

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It’s my birthday today! This is the day I will leave my teenage years behind me and turn 20! Everyone keeps telling me that your twenties are the best years of your life, but I am kinda stressing out about it. Only ten more years and than I am 30 and those best years are over. But that’s life I guess, so I better not stress about it. First, I will be celebrating my birthday with my family today! Hiep hiep hoera!*

P.S. You can download this picture as a birthday card.

* dutch for hip hip hooray