I have eaten A LOT lately, so let’s bring out those hotspots! Let’s start with Salsa Shop This is a Mexican take on fast-food, and I have to say: it tastes a lot better than regular fast food! Four childhood friends have decided to start this restaurant after some time traveling in Mexico and the US, because the real Mexican taste was nowhere to be found in Amsterdam. Bulls eye if you ask me! The guys from Salsa Shop make everything right before your eyes with the freshest products. You can choose your meal (burrito, tacos, salad or burrito bowl), your meat/veggies, what goes inside (guacamole, sour cream, you name it!), the salsa and some extras like tortilla chips. And you can even drink in style; their homemade lemonades are a real gem, but the mexican soft drinks are pretty good too. Sounds tasty huh?

I would personally recommend the tacos, because you get four small ones which you can compose the way you like. This way, you can try a sorts of meat and also different salsas. Like I said, the fresh lime lemonade is real good and works perfectly with those spicy salsas.

Off you go, amigo!

020 2051040




I would have never guessed it before, but carrot cake has become one of my favorite cakes in the world. yes, the entire world. Therefore, I present to you: my carrot cake recipe!



Mix the eggs, the brown sugar and sunflower oil until it is a smooth mixture. Add self-raising flour and baking powder and mix it together. Add the mixed spices to the batter. Chop the walnuts in small pieces and add them to the mixture. Add the grated carrots to the batter and but it in a baking mold (about 23 cm). Pre-heat the oven on 170 degrees Celsius and bake the cake for about 60-70 minutes. This timing can fluctuate, so you can test if it’s ready with a cocktail pick (or satéprikker if you’re Dutch). If it comes out dry, it’s ready!

Time to make the frosting! Whip up the butter until it’s smooth and light. Make sure that the butter becomes white. Mix the cream cheese, the lemon juice and the icing sugar with the butter. If you like it sweet, than you can add more sugar. Wait until the cake is completely cold before you start frosting, otherwise it will melt off. Garnish the cake with the leftover walnuts or whatever you like.


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As a fairly new Amsterdammer, I still depend on others to show me the best hotspots. Restaurant-wise, my sister knows her stuff. To celebrate the summery weather, we decided to go to Mercat. This restaurant is inspired by the Spanish markets (hence the name). Food-wise, you will find Spanish dishes such as tapas and churros. However, this is not your typical tapas restaurant. The place looks absolutely stunning; we especially liked the neon lights surrounding the bar. Mercat is situated next to Panama in Amsterdam-Oost (East).

Oostelijke Handelskade 4
1019 BM Amsterdam




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Het weekend van de Rollende Keukens (Weekend of the Rolling Kitchens) started out as a neighborhood fest and grew out to be one of the biggest annual food festivals in the Netherlands. The festival, situated at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, is a true must-go for foodies who enjoy truck food. This year, I went with my sister and trust me we ate A LOT. We started off with pizza, followed by a hamburger (which was truly amazing!) and potato pancakes. We ended things with mini donuts with all kinds of toppings. If you plan on going here next year; make sure you bring a full purse and an empty stomach. See you at next year’s edition!


One-pot pasta



Put your pasta, cherry tomatoes, sliced onion, garlic, chili flakes, basil and olive oil in a deep pan. Pour your vegetable stock over and let it boil for about 12-15 minutes, until the pasta is ready. Serve with grated parmesan cheese and optionally bread and a nice salad.

This recipe by Martha Stewart is perfect for one of those lazy evenings where you still want to eat something nice. You’ll only need one pan and some nice fresh ingredients. You can even change up the ingredients for what you have at home. I often make this when I don’t have much time to cook or go grocery shopping and just throw in what I have. It always turns out just fine. Buon appetito!